Monday, 22 February 2010

Female Blackcap

Birds are much more more tolerant of inclement weather than us mere humans! The pair of Blackcaps continue to visit our feeders so here are two recent shots of Mrs. Blackcap.
Both shots were taken 'through the window'.   FAB


  1. Second shot is a cracker Frank.
    She's a real beauty.

  2. Frank, these are sweet little chaps and you did a great job capturing these through the window~

  3. Keith, Mary, Alice and Kerri.
    Mrs. Blackcap says thank you and she is still visiting daily but for how much longer I wonder.

  4. Such a pretty little thing - such a sweet face. We don't have them in my little corner of the world. Are they only wintertime visitors? ~karen

  5. Hi Karen. Migrant summer visitors from Africa BUT over the past 10 - 15 years more and more are reported as overwintering in Europe rather than migrating.


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