Who is FAB.

Frank (aka FAB)

Chessington, Surrey, UK.

Status: Retired.

From an early age I loved exploring the heath, woods and farmland close to my birth place on the Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire borders. While I have always taken an interest in wildlife the ‘birding bug’ didn't really kick off until the 1980's during holidays to the North Norfolk coast and whenever possible I continue to make visits, often in the winter months, to enjoy its spectacular wader and wildfowl encounters.

I am basically self-taught and a well thumbed copy of the Collins Bird Guide, with its personalised pencil sketch and inscription by Killian Mullarney, travels with me most of the time. I have been fortunate to meet some very experienced birders and wildlife enthusiasts so undoubtedly some of their knowledge has rubbed off but I still continue to learn about our varied wildlife through my day by day encounters.

I enjoy daily wildlife watching through the window; taking a leisurely stroll around my local patch or to one of the many varied habitats within my land locked home county of Surrey (UK) plus occasional trips further afield.

Birding and photography sometimes creates conflicting issues for me but the latter has also renewed my interest in other wildlife including Butterflies and Odonata.

My regular activities are posted on my main blog 'Wildlife Watching with FAB' but I started this photo blog called ‘FABirding’ just to showcase specific wildlife images from time to time.