Friday, 8 January 2010

Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)

An unexpected garden visitor yesterday was this male Blackcap. It's been about 12 months since the previous visit...could it be the same individual?   FAB.


  1. I am convinced it's the same little blackcap coming back....he did remember the garden...!
    just so beautiful..!

    have a great weekend!
    ciao elvira

  2. Elvira. If he could speak to me then I would know for certain.
    You have a good weekend as well.
    Ciao FAB.

  3. I think it probably is the same male....we all remember when we were well off.
    Great shot Frank

  4. Cheers Trevor. I can hear someone else not too far away saying exactly the same to me!

  5. ...a year later. He is a sweetie. I need to look him up. He vaguely resembles our Black-capped Chickadees, but doesn't appear to be in the same family (different-shaped bill).

  6. Yes Kelly, he may look similar but totally different families. Chickadee is Paridae whereas Blackcap is Sylviidae. I will e-mail some links shortly so you can do some homework.


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