Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Study in Concentration.

Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea).   The ultimate patient fisherman.   FAB.


  1. This MAGNIFICIENT Grey Heron just seems to observe something very intense....maybe a little frog or ...?

    Fantastic photography, Frank; I do love indeed this "highly concentrated" look of this beautiful bird!!!

    WONDERFUL WORK!!!!!!!!

    Have a beautiful evening, Frank!
    ciao ciao elvira

  2. Love watching them hunt, watched a great blue come up with a snake. That was a battle, that the snake lost.

    Great shot

  3. You got close! This is a fantastic portrait ;)

  4. Beautiful portrait of the Grey Heron Frank! That concentration is so intense, it looks like you could have walked right up to that bird and introduced yourself! Love the detail in that shot.

  5. Great capture, like the bird is really in front you!

  6. Hi Elvira. I'm still unsure what he was concentrating on but just deligted to share some close space with it.

    Hi john bord. There aren't that many creatures that they won't taken on.

    Hi Dominic. A very confiding individual. BTW the image is cropped.

    Hi Robert. Thanks.

    Hi Mary. Thank you.

    Hi NatureFootstep. Thanks.

    Hi Larry. I think we could have shook hands..lol. Cheers.

    Hi Amila. Cheers. Just about 30 feet away.

  7. Great photos Frank, they are certainly patient when they are waiting for fish.

  8. Hi mick. They sure are.

    Hi Natalie. Thanks very much.


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