Monday, 13 June 2011

Bird Food?

You never know what might find lurking at ground level .......
... including this Cranefly, otherwise know as Daddy-long-legs, which could easily become someones quick snack if it sits here for too long.

This pair were doing what comes naturally amongst the lush green grasses.

All these shots were taken with the compact Canon Powershot S95.

N.B. This is a scheduled post and I will respond to comments when we return from Cumbria.  FAB.


  1. Wow... how strange, for our Daddy Long Legs are spiders over here, In fact, if they had larger mouths, they would be one of the most poisoneous of spiders. Cool images though. Hope your week is grand~

  2. WOW Frank - these shots are AMAZING!!
    Well done!

  3. I love to watch Daddy Long Legs; they're so graceful! I've never seen them mating, though. Thanks for the experience.

  4. Hi. I stopped by via OBN. Your photos are stunning! I'll be stopping by again. I'm glad you were the featured blogger.

  5. Another from the OBN, absolutely stunning photographs my man, I see I have a lot to learn.

  6. Thanks Trevor.

    Hi Mary. As a youngsters we would catch the Craneflies and end up holding a leg as they broke away .. definitely no fear of being bitten!
    The break away grand, if somewhat overshadowed by the very wet weather.

    Thank you Kerri,

    Hi Jeanne. First time I had seen this action as well!

    Hi Kim@Snug Harbor. Thanks for the compliment and hope you enjoy the future posts.

    Murphyfish. I appreciate your visit and comments John.

  7. Amazing details in these! A point and shoot...really? Terrific!

  8. Thanks Tammy. They were far too preoccupied so getting close was not a problem.

  9. Wow! that little powershot really does a great job!

    Craneflys scare some people over here, they think they are a giant mosquito.


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