Thursday, 7 July 2011

White Admiral.

White Admiral (Limentis camilla), a species that graces sunlit woodland glades.    FAB. 

Please check out this link for more of our Winged Friends hosted by NatureFootstep.

For more Critters of all kinds visit our friend Misty at Camera Critters.


  1. WonderfulPictures

  2. Hi BrandNewStudio. I appreciate your visit and comments. FAB.

  3. Cheers Andrew .. now all I need is a Purple Emperor to perch for a portrait!!

  4. One of my favourite butterflies. We have them here too.

  5. Lovely photos of the white Admiral! :)

    I don't know if we have them here, because I've never seen one.

  6. Hi EG Wow. It is a small world.

    Thanks Pia. I believe you get the Red and Poplar Admiral in Sweden but not the White.

  7. Fantastic shots! :) Great detail.

  8. beautiful photos of a beautiful butterfly, though that one looks a bit as though its had a hard life!

  9. this is one reason for me to start Winged. To see different spieces. :) As I said in teh other psot, I did not know about this white oen. :)

    NF Macro

  10. Fabulous! I've not seen one here in North Wales either. And butterflies are so unco-operative with cameras too!

  11. Hi Nikki-ann. Thanks for the visit and comments.

    Hi Crafty Green Poet. Thanks. Yes, there are quite a few tatty ones around at the moment.

    Hi NatureFootstep. Thanks for hosting Winged ... a great opportunity to see what other nature watchers are seeing.

    Hi Ann. Thanks for your visit. Early morning is the best time to catch them perched when they are feeding ... patience will pay off in the end.

  12. HOW BEAUTIFUL your white Admiral; Frank....even if I can see that he had already some heavy winds to fight .....MARVELLOUS!!!!

    I am very happy to be back and I take my time now to look at your previous works and adventures....I missed soo many!

    Wishing you wonderful summer days with a lot of sunshine, Frank...
    (you know, like in previous times...just tell me, if I have to send you some of my sunrays....we have got soooo many of them...!)

    ciao ciao elvira

  13. Hi Elvira. Thank you very much for thinking of me ... a few sunrays would be very welcome at the moment.

    ciao ciao FAB.


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